Live HD Wallpaper

An app that provides you with live wallpapers and custom keyboards.



App that connects businesses and its employees with gyms around them.


Peerfit Move

App that connects businesses and its employees with gyms around them directed toward the eldery.



A react native app in which you can hail rides for an autonomous vehicle to pick you up.


Looty Llama Guide For Fortnite

Another little side project that I made where you can download Fortnite wallpapers and get updates on where the loot is while you play.



Stwitch is a side project app where you can swipe through and watch random Twitch streams.



Brushfire is a ticketing app built for both the iPhone and iPad.


HP WorkWise

HP WorkWise is office intelligence rolled into one smartphone app to provide PC security, real-time PC performance updates, and automatic printer driver installation. I am the sole iOS developer on this project.


No longer in the AppStore

Techy Trends

Just a fun project. May try to add affiliate links to each item to buy on Amazon.


Put this project on hold.


I see a ton of music apps in the AppStore that are doing pretty well. I thought I could make a better one, by having better UI and utilizing Spotify's playlists.


Made it to the store for a while. Another app that got a cease and desist.

Music With Friends

Built this during a hack-a-thon. A buddy and I worked on this together. He built the backend in Node.js utilizing websockets. I built this iOS app to talk to that backend server. Fun project. Didn't get the syncing of videos as great as we wanted, but it wont play the next song until everyone is done with the current song.


Don't plan on submitting to AppStore or open-sourcing it at the moment.

Where On Earth Am I?

Saw an app like this selling for 6k on an auction site. Thought I could make one with a better UI, so I did.


Took this off the AppStore.

Hacker News

Utilizing the Hacker News Api to get get HN Articles.


Took this off the AppStore

Pogo Radar

Allows users to find Pokemon for the game Pokemon Go in real time.


Got a cease and desist and had to take it down.

Music App

Allows users watch music videos.


Not a ton of functionality here. Just was a fun project.

Dude Your Profile

An app that allows the user to place a fake comment in their friends Facebook account from anyone.


Open Source. Apple did not appreciate this very much so just made it open source.


Daily Face

An app that allows a user to take daily photos of themself and turn it into a gif or video. This was my own version of the app "Everyday" in the AppStore.


Removed this from the AppStore.

Lock Picker

An app similar to an app that was once popular in the AppStore.


Just a fun project

Ziggity Zag

An app similar to the popular app "ZigZag" by Ketchapp. Followed a tutorial along for this one. SceneKit is fun and I plan on continuing to learn it.


Another fun project

Swifty Weather

App that tells you the weather based on your location.


Open Source app made just for fun.


Also check out SwiftEnlightenment!